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Heston and Heston helped me start over

Going through a separation and bankruptcy at the same time was very stressful for us. However, Mr. Heston and his staff handled our case so efficiently, courteously and perfectly, it relieved so much of the stress from the process. While a family breakup is never easy or optimal, at least at this point we can face our future with a fresh start and begin rebuilding.

We received regular follow up from the team, were lead throught he process without being confused and in the end, received the result we sought. Filing bankruptcy is a very hard decision and one we didn't take lightly. Richard helped me go through the process without too much stress.

Highest recommendation , no I'm not family

Mr Heston made us feel relaxed from the moment we met him. I was embarrased to be there to ask about and file bankruptcy. Mr Heston really took the time to fully explain every step to us. He also helped relieve the fear of doing all this, and really helped us see that we are not alone. He was responsive when we called or sent emails. The entire staff, especially April at the front desk, was friendly and professional. Mr Heston also showed up himself at the Bankruptcy hearing, not some representative on his behalf. It really helped to have him with us. As I mentioned in my title, I highly recommend him.

Richard Heston is the Best in your difficult times.

I am a disabled Veteran . I decided to start a restaurant business. i tried it for one and a half years. I didn't see any hope and it was taking away my all money and time . We were going through very difficult time and it started effecting my personal finances. I was stress full and contacted the Heston Law firm for help. 
He helped me with the Chapter 7 and I am discharged from my Bankruptcy today. Now I can have a new beginning. 
Richard and his assistant Elmer is really good and understands the people life. You may have thousands of friends in life, But it is important to see who is with you in the difficult times .

Incredibly Different!

We got Mr. Heston's phone number through Lawyer's Referral and made an appointment with his office. He called us directly and asked us to send all the pertinent paperwork before the meeting so he can review it. At the day of the meeting, although we had a one-hour free consultation, Mr. Heston did not stop at the hour and explained/discussed our case thoroughly. He was both a nice person and a very knowledgeable lawyer and we felt we are in good hands. However, due to a sudden change in our personal matters, we did not pursue the legal action we were supposed to pursue. Nevertheless, we are thankful to Mr. Heston for his time and kindness and will use his services in the future if need be.

Excellent Service

Richard and his staff are extremely responsive and knowledgeable about all BK matters. I had a complicated case due to a messy divorce and I was skillfully guided through the process. Richard always took the time to thoroughly explain everything that was required and everything that was necessary for a successful discharge. I would highly recommend his team for any type of BK issues.

Bankruptcy case

I was referred to Mr. Heston when I had to file for bankruptcy. Mr. Heston took care to explain all steps, to prepare me for each part. Any questions I had were answered quickly and completely. Paralegal Elmer Blanco was always helpful and responded quickly to any questions I had. They worked closely and kept me informed of status of my case. Mr. Heston helped me not feel ashamed for having to file. I would definitely recommend.

Mr. Richard Heston- A Blessing! A True Professional!!

Mr. Heston is real! A kind person who thinks about you, the person and then your situation and how he can help as professional bankruptcy attorney. He was willing to take my case even after I expressed my current financial situation and provided me the best option to take, with what I had to work with- both with my case and financially. My initial consult was at no charge. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place and his advise was honest, even though some of it was hard to believe/hear. But I respected that. I was glad to that he was recommended by my neighbor who was a fellow colleague of his. And he ultimately ended up being the blessing I needed to help me get through this stressful stuff that came by surprise, really. Mr. Heston and his team were very patient with me and good at explaining my options and what goes on with filing for chapter 7 despite the case being straight forward. To me, it seemed complicated but they set my mind at some ease. They are understanding when you are beyond stressed and scared. I felt comfortable working with him and I understood that he could do right by me, based on his patience, care and many years working in this business. My case felt expedited, nothing dragged on which was nice and even upon discharge, Mr. Heston and his team agreed to review and provide feedback on some other information that was in question upon my discharge. Mr. Heston believes in the good work that he does for his clients and he displays that he believes in you. There is no pressure or dollar signs with this guy he has a smile on his face, he's calming and ready with information and case studies to help ease your mind. A good man, A great lawyer. An amazing team to back him up. A blessing!


Richard and his team were extremely helpful throughout the BK process. Richard Heston answered all of my many questions and was generous with his time. His staff is well organized, which made a difficult process relatively simple. My bankruptcy was due to a business failure. Heston and Heston helped me understand the personal and business issues both pre and post bankruptcy.

BK process

Mr. Heston and his staff, specifically Elmer Blanco had been very helpful throughout this stressful bankruptcy process. They are professional in handling my case, especially at times when I am getting emotionally stressed out about it. I felt relieved when my case was over and I highly recommend Atty. Richard Heston and Elmer Blanco if you are need of professional and personable support with regards to your bankruptcy case.

Hire the BEST!

Richard & Halli Heston did a great job on our complicated bankruptcy. This firm has excellent customer service, detailed follow-up and best of all, always returned our calls and emails. I highly recommend this firm!

Bankruptcy review

I am giving a positive review for our chosen Lawyer Richard Heston and his staff who advised us with our decision on bankruptcy. Mr. Heston presented all the options that were available to us if we decided to enter into the bankruptcy process, he answered all our questions in regards to our financial situation, even though it was a difficult decision we decided to proceed with bankruptcy. Mr. Heston and his staff helped us through the long process of bankruptcy, for example when there was difficult decision that had to be made Mr. Heston and his staff advised us on the different options that we could choose from to best resolve the best course of action, there was never any pressure from Mr. Heston or his staff saying you have to take this course of action ! we were always in control in our decision with the best advise and course of action that needed to be taken. I would to take this time to acknowledge Elmer Blanco, paralegal who was our main contact for Mr. Heston, when there was a question that we needed to be addressed to Mr. Heston he would always take the question and get back to me in a timely manner or a question or advise that he himself could resolve for me. We always appreciated that Mr. Heston and Elmer Blanco kept us updated and informed from the beginning and to the end of a successful financial beginning for us. I would highly recommend Heston and Heston . Thank You Mr. Heston and Elmer Blanco.

I recommend Richard Heston

I am going through a very litigious divorce that will leave me destitute. I went to see Mr. Heston to see what I needed to do to protect myself. He spent over 2 hours with me explaining in detail all my options regarding bankruptcy, lawyer liens and my legal rights. I found him to be patient, thorough and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him to anyone who is going through financial hard times.


I meet Richard in 2010 to help me with my case. 
From our 1st meeting he explained the whole process to me in a way that was easy to understand. 
If I had questions after hours he was available and always returned my calls. 
Very trustworthy and knowledgeable I would use him again if I had to.

Mr. Heston and Mr. Blanco are simply the BEST

Like most people, I was embarrased and ashamed for seeking the "easy way out." Mr. Heston helped me through such a difficult financial hardship. Their Paralegal, Elmer Blanco, was also one of the "main" person who helped me tremendously. He was great. He made the whole process easy for me. He was knowledgeable and very attentative. When he becomes an attorney, he will be a great one- just like Mr. Heston. Both of them were just awesome. Thank you to them- I have a fresh start.

Excellent Attorney

I had an urgent bankruptcy question and needed an answer fast and accurate. Richard was both. I would highly recommend Richard Heston.

Very Dependable!!

Back in 2000 when we were looking for a lawyer to assist us on finding relief from our financial problems through legal process, we were genuinely so lost and so confused struggling about personal doubts, question of trust and worried of being mislead. At the time, there were no easily available online reviews. All we found was advertising of lawyers with their own words of assurances, guaranties and how good they are. Finally, with no recommendations, we settled to talk to Heston and Heston while crossing our fingers. We got an appointment to sit down with Mr. Heston for a free consultation and during that encounter, Mr. Heston spent a long amount of time interviewing us for facts and explaining the legal process that we will go through along the way. Eventually if we will use them as legal counsel, we also talked about their legal fees which we truly believe was affordable. At the end of the interview, we became so comfortable with Mr. Heston and decided to hire them as our legal counsel. It was a sound decision.

Mr. Heston was our lawyer on our first case in 2000 which was successfully discharged, and now on a second case filed 3 years ago and currently active for another 2 years and so far moving to our favorable expectations. From the beginning of our professional relationship, Mr. Heston and his team are always outstanding on dealing with us and always fully coordinated on attending to our legal needs. We are very thankful for his words of advices which he will always explain in detail with their corresponding positive or negative results. Recently, because of common financial problems due to loss of job, we also started the process of having our real estate loan modified and along the process we somewhat got into some legal complications detrimental to us. Mr. Heston came to our rescue and performed his role as our lawyer promptly communicating with our real estate loan company and their lawyers to stop a motion that they have earlier filed against us. This communication resulted to another motion (of withdrawal) filed by the company lawyers but this time to our favor. Our worries were unimaginable but Mr. Heston with his actions turned these worries into greater relief.

One thing noticeable with Mr. Heston, he politely emphasizes the importance of the role of the client in the legal process like performing their responsibility of providing him useful information or the prompt submission of required documentations. We think that is fair. We will highly recommend Mr. Heston to our friends and family.


The whole crew at Heston & Heston were so helpful and supportive during my bankrupty procedure. They fully understood my situation and explained the whole procedure.

Thanks I feel so much better now and am relieved.

Annulment case based on fraud.

I am a U.S. Citizen and I was a victim of marriage fraud. I married a girl from India, sponsored her to U.S. When she received her Green Card, she left me and filled for a divorce. I was heartbroken, emotional, shocked and surprised. I wanted to fight the case and I wanted annulment based on Fraud. I was having very hard time finding attorneys who have the knowledge of handling such cases that are related to Green Card. I spoke with Mr. Heston and because of his knowledge on the subject I hired him. The case took place at Lamoreaux Justice Center, in Orange, CA. During the course, Mr. Heston kept in touch with me regarding what is happening, prepared declarations, statements and filed a motion of bifurcation that resulted in quicker trial and kept me well informed of what is going on. A day before the trial, he prepared me well for the trial and prepared statements and the evidence he will be presenting. I won the trial and I am very glad this chapter in my life is over and my marriage has been erased. I highly recommend this attorney because of his knowledge, professionalism, and I felt he truly fought the case for me. I am very happy I picked him for my case.

Regarding referral from the Public Law Center

I have only good things to say about the experience I had with Mr. Heston and his staff from the first appointment to the court appearance. Everyone was very helpful and considerate as well as professional. 
At this stage of my life, and financial predicament; the pro bono help was a blessing.

Bankruptcy Filing

Mr. Heston is incredibly knowledgeable in the area of bankruptcy law and provided very constructive and useful information to us. He was very professional yet personable and definitely provided us with high-quality service. I would highly recommend him and don't think any other lawyer would have provided such great advice and help. He is also very well known in Orange County and highly regarded.

evaluation of my lawyer

He was great, and kept my husband and I at ease

Richard Heston Is a really GREAT and knowledgeable Lawyer!

My Husband and I fell victims to the economy and finally were faced with the ugly prospect of having to file for bankruptcy. Richard came recommended to us and helped us through this difficult time with understanding and his vast expertise! My Husband and I have always prided ourselves on being decent, tax-payng Americans and when our small business failed after ten years we were ashamed and devastated. Richard was very understanding and helped us to see that sometimes bad things happen to good people. His intricate understanding of how the complicated bankrupcy laws work was invaluable but even more: He was able to explain these laws to us so that we were able to understand them throughly. The entire staff at Heston and Heston has gone above and beyond to aid us in our time of need and we are forever grateful!

I highly recommend Richard Heston for your legal needs.

Richard handled my every legal need with professionalism and integrity. I at all times felt that I was in the hands of someone who knew exactly what to do. Richard is professional, trustworthy, and compassionate. I had to go thru three 
attorneys before I found Richard and he made sense of all that had gone wrong up to that point.

Heston Review

Outstanding service. I highly recommend this firm.

Excellent Service

Halli and her team were and are fantastic. 
In a critical time of our lives, filing Bankruptcy, Halli and her team were sensitive to our needs and emotions. 
Answered questions that may have seemed petty with respect and dignity. 
The handling of the case and helping us to keep our vehicles meant alot. 
Thank you Halli Heston and the team at Heston and Heston. 
Al and Pam T.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Halli was very professional, helpful and a very nice person to speak with regarding my bankruptcy. Everything flowed nicely and put my worries to rest. Would definitely recommend her.


Ms. Heston was referred to me by another attorney that I respect, so I was expecting a lot. And did she ever deliver! This was a very stressful time for me, and I was going through it by myself. I wouldn't say I needed a lot of hand holding, but.... well, OK, I did need a lot of hand holding. I didn't know or understand the process or what I was supposed to do at all. Ms. Heston never allowed me to feel overwhelmed by the whole process and walked me through it. Every time I saw an email from her or talked to her on the phone, I was put at ease, and she would say, we'll get through this. It's what she does, I was never worried. I would recommend Ms. Heston to my friends, family, anyone who needs an excellent attorney. I feel so fortunate to have found her.

Ch. 13 BK - Halli Heston lead us through tough times!

When a person looks at Wikipedia for the definition of Friend they don't normally see Attorney or ESQ there in the definition but we want to thank you, Friend.

Five + years ago we could not see daylight any longer. We had liquidated assets, savings, retirement and ran up debt just trying to preserve the shelter over our heads. We had leveraged our line of credit in a dark attempt to chart our lives into calmer seas but the storm of the housing industry hit us like a hurricane. We even liquidated a mutual fund just to get into the then 'solution' fad of the day 'modification' only to find we had been prey, that attorney would be later dis-barred. In a last ditch effort I called an old friend I had not talked to since High School, as the HARP law was being rolled out and something happened; a deal was worked out by Chase and our Court appointed legal aid. It was workable, we saw a glimmer of hope, then it was dashed down as we found out WE were a Mortgage Backed Security and the foreclosure King, Deutsche owned our note. They would not approve the plan, the note holder would not approve the modification.

A few days later we met with legal aid to see our options and found we had very little, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. My cousin gave us the best possible advice: check the best lawyers in the OC for Chapter 7 & Chapter 13. Then decide. We did that. Halli and you have been indeed the BEST in the OC.

You told us up front our requirements, we told you we could do it and you delivered for us. You've always answered every question even when the money pressures got me hot and I got snarky.

It has been a long 5 years with many adventures, my wife working two jobs like waitressing at Denny's while stocking shelves at Walmart. To watching every penny and working on a 2nd job myself, just to stay in the plan.

Thanks again, Job well done Ms. Halli Heston ESQ and the Heston team, Friends.

Dennis & Susie

Outstanding Attorney!!!!

My husband and I had first gone to a different attorney and the information she had given us didn't sound right. We researched to find another attorney and the one that was highly recommended to us was Halli Heston. We found her to be everything we were looking for in an attorney. Smart, honest, nice, and "had all the right answers" to our questions. Always available when we had questions. Definitely a problem solver.

Mike H.

We researched attorneys online and came across Halli Heston's Bio and knew she was the one we wanted to help us.. She is a terrific attorney and we were satisfied from the first day we met with her at her office. She is knowledgeable, prompt and professional. Halli and her staff have been able to answer our questions in a timely manner. The whole process for filling bankruptcy was stressful but she and her staff made us feel a lot better when we had a deadline to meet. All we can say is "Thank You" very much for your time and your service.

Outstanding Attorney

I was referred to Halli Heston, from the O.C. Bar Association. They told me that Halli was a terrific attorney, and that I would be satisfied. Not only was I satisfied, Halli was exceptionally professional, and fully represented me in court. I appreciate everything that she has done for me, and her staff is friendly, and very professional too. They kept me up to date on the proceedings, and also reminded me when I needed to complete the required courses. Thank you very much for your time, and service.

Ch 7 Bankruptcy

After researching for attorneys online, I am so happy that I came across Halli Heston. Since contacting her, she and her team have been nothing but prompt, knowledgeable and professional. Filing for bankruptcy can be an extremely stressful process, but Halli made it easy to navigate. I only wish I had found her sooner.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Mrs. Heston was a pleasure to work with and provide excellent legal assistance with our bankruptcy. Her office staff was very responsive throughout the entire process.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Mrs. Heston has been by my side for over 5 years as I made my way through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy proceedings. As my life had ups and downs, she was there guiding me offering words of encouragement, answering questions, and providing the legal knowledge to help me stay on track. I was happy to complete all the necessary payments and received my discharge! I could not have done it without her support.

Chapter 7 filling

Hali was very clear and through in explaining the procedure to file. She kept a open line of communication and answered our questions promptly. she was recommended to us by another lawyer and the fee was very reasonable. Respectfully , Mr & Mrs R Barlow

Excellent lawyer and a good person

Straightforward,prompt, and very professional! We always feel comfortable and welcome. Thank you Halli.



Bankruptcy: Sometimes Necessary

My wife and I are more than pleased with the manner in which Halli handled our case. She was thorough in her research, and excellent in her representation. Additionally, her fees were modest in relation to the work done.

Fabulous lawyer to guide you through bk

Halli was thorough, kind, and very knowledgeable. She provided excellent advice that allowed me to make some key decisions and was always efficient in responding to my needs.

Very Compitent, Had a Good Experience

Halli Heston was a tremendous help in my Chapter 13 filing. I felt comfortable with her from the very beginning in our initial meeting. I had a special situation in that I needed to follow the exemptions from another state that Ms. Heston was unfamiliar with. This did not stop her from doing the research necessary to get my filing correct. She does keep a small staff which has its positives in that I was more than a case number, but the negative was that at times I had to wait until late in the evening for a response to questions. Her practice did greatly simplify the filing process and I had no concerns that any communication or deadline with the courts would be missed. I understand that her practice handles more than bankruptcy cases but I have no input to provide.

Highly Recommended

Attorney Halli Heston is wonderful! She's knowledgeable, caring and helpful. She was referred to me and I am very happy with her service...

Peace of mind

Benjamin Heston is genuine and compassionate. It may be his job but he doesn't make you feel like he's after your money. He was kind and understanding during a time where circumstances were not so kind and understanding. He's really awesome because he helped me acquire a new start, for the sake of my children and our future. I'm so grateful that the Lord guided me to Ben Heston, I went through 3 consultations before finding Ben. And I'm glad I did my research.

Great Lawyer

I filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy and Benjamin was the attorney I chose after meeting several. He was very knowledgeable and put me at ease through the process. My case was one of the few confirmed by the trustee on the day of my hearing - a testament to Benjamin's professionalism and knowledge of the Chapter 13 filing process. He was able to push for a plan that I could manage financially. I appreciate all of the hard work of Heston and Heston team.

Chapter 7

Mr. Benjamin Heston did a great job for us, communications were prompt, and thorough, very professional. We provided our required information, and he took care of the rest. I highly recommend Mr. Benjamin Heston for your legal matters in his field of expertise. A personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy is nothing I would ever want to go through, but Benjamin made it a smooth and painless experience.

Best experience!! Don't waste your time going anywhere else!

From the moment you meet Ben you know he cares about people! I really appreciate what Ben has done for me and my family! Considering how tough is was to file a Chapter 13, he really made me feel at ease about everything and all of the timelines were met. Just a really great guy and excellent attorney!!! I would highly recommend him!!!

Excellent well knowledgeable attorney

My experience with Mr. Heston was nothing but pleasant. I was very skittish at first with the whole bankruptcy thing, but Mr. Heston assured me that this would be the right move. He also alowed me to take sometime and think it over. No pressure phone calls or emails. He guided me during the whole process. Very thankful for this man.

great lawyer

Ben was amazing in helping my wife and i decide the different options we had, he even went out of his way and reseached a huge amount of cases in regards to student loans and bankruptcy. Thanks for everything Ben!

excelent representation

Couldnt have asked for a better lawyer. Knew the law and handled the situation with confidence. Delivered results. True professional. A+++


I had a layman file my bankruptcy who turned out to be totally incompetent. Before the case was dismissed Mr. Heston took over and appealed the dismissal and saved me from losing my home. Mr. Heston was amazing, in that he was knowledgeable, professional and "on top" of my case. I am very grateful.

Chapter 7 was easy!

I was unsure whether to hire a lawyer for my bankruptcy since I have heard that doing your own bankruptcy can be pretty easy. After meeting with Benjamin, I felt confident that not only did I need a lawyer, but Mr. Heston was the right choice. Everytime I called with questions, even stupid ones, I was met with a good attitude and thorough answers. I was also able to get rid of my car that had been dragging me down and get a new car through my bankruptcy. I was very nervous at the meeting of creditors, but with my lawyer there I felt at ease and it only lasted a minute or two. I would recommend Mr. Heston to anyone who needs to file for bankruptcy!

Great service. Thank you Ben and Elmer.

Would like to thank Ben H. for his great help in my bankruptcy. In particular, his paralegal Elmer who was outstanding. Knowledgeable, quick to respond to my concerns and emails and extremely compassionate towards my situation.- why is he not an attorney yet with this firm? :) Thank you both.

great experience during a hard time

In a very complicated and emotional process, Ben was very helpful. He broke eveything down so that I was able to understand and that made my filing process very easy and painless. Im really glad I entrusted my situation in his hands.

Knowledgeable and kind attorney!

I have been wanting to write this review for Mr. Heston for some time. However, I have found it hard to put into words just how much peace-of-mind using  his services has brought to my life. Going through a bankruptcy has the potential to be an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. I was very anxious about finding an attorney and had meetings with several.  Mr. Heston really stuck out to me as he seemed so caring and non-judgmental, and he was very knowledgeable about chapter 13 bankruptcy. After retaining his services, I learned that my first impression could not have been more accurate. Not only is he a genuinely nice person, but he also seems to really enjoy his work and helping people like myself start over and move on.  He was great at keeping me up to date with the status of my case and he always found time to answer my questions.  Having  Ben lead me through the uncomfortable process of filing for bankruptcy made the whole thing completely bearable. I feel so grateful to have found such a kind lawyer, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Pro bono Bankruptcy

Mr. Heston is the reason why today I believe in angels. I was referred by the Riverside court to a website of top lawyers where I found him. I called Mr. Heston because he was the first one on the list and he took my case! My story touched him! He really made me feel like a person that deserved a fresh start and he took the entire bankruptcy pro Bono. He treated me with respect, always kept me inform of the process and procedures of the bankruptcy. He was always a step ahead. When I had to go in front of the trusty I felt strong and secure because Mr. Benjamin Heston was there letting me know everything would be alright. I thank God for putting him in my path. I believe there are not a lot of people like him out there that are willing to give time to people like me that are in need of a fresh start. I guess I was just lucky. I sincerely and without a doubt would recommend him. He is a very reputable lawyer but more then anything he has what most people lack and that is empathy. He has the capacity to put himself in that persons shoes that is going through a hard time in there life. I felt that with him. Thank you Mr. Heston, I will never forget this. Benjamin Heston has four qualities that makes him a great lawyer and will one day be a great director. Mr Heston is someone with integrity, someone that can be trusted, someone that shows passion for his work and has excellent communication skills. To me that was the perfect combination of a good lawyer and leader. I wish him nothing but the best. Thank you for allowing me to start fresh in life!

Debt Relief...Life Relief

Ben took my bankruptcy case pro bono, and it saved my proverbial life! I was at wits end and the doctor I went to set me on his path. He was kind, thoughtful, helpful, and he let me know every step of the way what was happening. He has answered the phone himself every time I called, and answers email promptly regardless of how many need to be added. I'm considered a senior, but Ben never made me feel old or insignificant. I will use Ben any time in the future if I need a lawyer, as I feel the relationship that I have with him is worth his business. I have felt respected and I feel lucky to have been in his capable hands. I would recommend Benjamin Heston in a heartbeat!

the best

Ben was assigned to my case through the public law center,I had no idea who this young man was but soon realized God had sent me an Angel,caring,professional and informed.Ben went far beyond what he was required to do ( even driving me to and from court as I don't drive) I can't say enough about him! He has compassion,wisdom,humor and intelligence.he answered all of my questions,was easily accessible and calmed my nerves throughout the entire process.Ben truly cares about YOU and bends over backwards to achieve the best possible outcome.if you have him as a lawyer you may be tempted to break a law just for the chance to work with him again!! I don't have enough words in my vocabulary to praise him-it's not possible for me to be any happier,an amazing man with a very bright future!

A Reliable Attorney Has Been Found

Benjamin Richard Heston is part of the Heston & Heston Attorneys-at-Law located in Irvine, CA with a law office in Riverside, CA. Attorney Benjamin was assigned to us by the firm and served our Legal needs with knowledge, understanding, while answering any and all questions raised. He stuck with us during the entire process. Court documents were filed promptly with them all being provided in a timely manner. Benjamin's advice was heeded and the matter was resolved within months of filing. We recommend Benjamin as he is faithful to his clients and represents them professionally.

Thumbs up for Ben Heston!

We had to put together a 501(c)3 on less than a shoestring and had no idea where to begin or go. Ben knew exactly what to do and helped us with all the filings and paperwork. I've heard of other people who have had to file explanations and supporting documents over and over. Ben made sure every "i" was dotted and every "t" crossed. Result: we received our tax-exempt status in under 60 days after filing. 
He's young, he's energetic, and he's dedicated. I highly recommend him.

  • Going through a separation and bankruptcy at the same time was very stressful for us. However, Mr. Heston and his staff handled our case so efficiently, courteously and perfectly, it relieved so much of the stress from the process. While a family breakup is never easy or optimal, at least at this…

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Our firm has extensive experience and expertise in bankruptcy, having two Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialists, and we can assist most individuals, married couples and businesses with their financial problems through Chapters 7 and 13.

Client Review

Richard and his team were extremely helpful throughout the BK process. Richard Heston answered all of my many questions and was generous with his time. His staff is well organized, which made a difficult process relatively simple. My bankruptcy was due to a business failure. Heston & Heston helped me understand the personal and business issues both pre and post bankruptcy.