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How Do You Pay for a Bankruptcy?

If you're approaching a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be wondering: How do I pay for it?  After all, there are fees associated with the bankruptcy itself, and with hiring a lawyer.  Many people have had this question before.  It's possible to find an affordable bankruptcy lawyer.  Here's what you need to know.

  First Get a Free Consultation

All of the lawyers at Heston & Heston offer free consultations and we will meet with you for however long it takes to go over all of the relevant information that we will need to know to make an accurate assessment of your financial situation and bankruptcy options.  We will also give you a quote for our fees and explain any payment plans that we can offer you.

Once you've finalized your decision to retain our office, you can start picking up those collection calls and telling them "I've retained an attorney for the purpose of filing bankruptcy" and give them your lawyer's name and number.  From there, they will generally be prohibited from calling you and they will instead start bugging us (which we don't mind).

  Stop Paying (Most of) Your Debts

It may seem wrong, but the truth is, if you're about to dissolve your debts anyway, you may want to stop paying them.  HOWEVER, there are certain debts that you may want to continue paying such as your mortgage and car payments or debts for recent charges you may have made.  If you do not intend to keep this property, you might be able to stop paying, but you should ask your attorney first.

Instead of paying $500 ton your credit card every month, put it aside for a bankruptcy lawyer.  You're going to need to resolve these debts in bankruptcy court, and bankruptcy is going to be a necessary part of that process.  You may be able to save enough to start the process of bankruptcy within a couple of months, and the damage to your credit score is likely to be comparatively minimal.

  Our Philosophy

All of us at Heston & Heston believe that bankruptcy relief should be available to anyone who needs it.  At your initial consultation, you will be quoted a fee for your bankruptcy and given a plan to make sure that you are able to afford it.


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