Post Judgment Modification of Support

Modifying Spousal Support or Child Support

modification-of-child-supprt-291x300The terms of an existing child support or spousal support order may require modification at times. The law firm of Heston & Heston represents clients dealing with complicated and complex modification and other family law matters. We are highly experienced and knowledgeable regarding California family law and modification procedures.

Our Irvine divorce modification attorney, Richard Heston, has more than 34 years of practice experience. In addition, he has been certified as a Family Law Specialist by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California since 1992.

In order to obtain modification of an existing support order, there must have been a material change in circumstances. Clients must file a formal request with the proper family court. Richard Heston is experienced at preparing effective applications for modification supported by evidence showing how circumstances have changed to warrant changing the order. For clients who need to seek modification, we evaluate their situation and analyze whether the changed circumstances might be grounds for modification.

Examples of changed circumstances that might affect child or spousal support include:

  • Job loss
  • Wage or hours reduction
  • Payment of bonuses or commissions
  • Job relocation
  • Income increase or decrease
  • New marriage
  • Permanent or temporary injury or illness
  • Birth of a new child
  • Child support ending upon attainment of majority

Not all of our clients are seeking a modification, but are responding to the other spouse’s request for it. No matter what side of the issue our clients are on, we represent their interests, the best interests of the children involved and seek the best results possible.

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