Heston & Heston, Attorneys at Law
in Riverside and Irvine


Heston & Heston is a small law firm with offices in Riverside and Irvine focusing primarily on bankruptcy and family law. We represent individuals and businesses throughout Southern California in Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles County.

The firm’s Irvine attorneys, Richard and Halli Heston, both have 34 years of practice experience and are both Certified Specialists in Bankruptcy Law. Richard Heston is also a Certified Specialist in Family Law. In order to become Certified Specialists in their fields, attorneys must pass a rigorous examination, complete and maintain continuing education, meet substantial experience requirements and obtain the recommendation of local judges and attorneys in which specialization is sought. Heston & Heston’s Riverside cases are handled by Benjamin Heston who has work in Bankruptcy for nearly a decade and is now a practicing attorney.


The law firm of Heston & Heston provides unparalleled bankruptcy assistance and representation to individual consumers and small businesses. The effectiveness of their services comes from the significant experience in finding solutions that are customized to fit the needs of clients.

We offer free initial consultation meetings for clients considering bankruptcy relief. At our initial meeting, we review each client’s particular financial situation and discuss their different bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options. At that time, we will make our recommendations and go over the requirements and processes involved in filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 and go over any other options that the client might want to consider. At this time, we are usually able to quote you a flat fee, which is often equal to or less than what is charged by attorneys who have less experience and expertise in the field. Unlike many other attorneys, we do not require full payment before we render legal services and we do accept payment plans.


In addition to bankruptcy, we also represent clients in family law matters. Our family law practice is focused on effective problem solving and managing conflict. We handle divorces, post-judgment modifications, as well as preparation of marital settlement, prenuptial (also known as premarital) and postmarital agreements. As Richard Heston is a certified specialist in both family law and bankruptcy he is uniquely qualified to handle crossover matters in which bankruptcy can affect a divorce and where divorce can affect a bankruptcy.

Our law firm also handles probate and estate administration matters.

We understand how to manage complex issues that affect more than one of these areas. As Certified Specialists, our attorneys have the qualifications and experience necessary to meet any of our clients’ legal needs.

Meet the Lawyers

Benjamin R. Heston, Esq.
Benjamin R. Heston, Esq.

Benjamin Heston also handles bankruptcy cases for individuals and small businesses. He has a strong background in public service and volunteering.

Richard G. Heston, Esq.
Richard G. Heston, Esq.

Richard Heston practices in the areas of consumer and small business bankruptcy and family law. He is a Certified Family Law Specialist by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California and has held that certification since 1992. He has also been certified as a Consumer Bankruptcy Law Specialist by the American Board of Certification since 1995.

Mr. Heston’s career includes several reported appellate decisions, service on many legal boards and organizations, frequent speaking engagements, published articles, as well as public service and providing volunteer legal services.

Halli B. Heston, Esq.
Halli B. Heston, Esq.

Halli Heston also handles bankruptcy cases for individuals and small businesses. She is a Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California and has held that position since 1994. Ms. Heston also handles the firm’s probate and estate administration practice. Ms. Heston’s legal career includes reported appellate decisions, speaking engagements, as well as public service and providing volunteer legal services.


  • We had to put together a 501(c)3 on less than a shoestring and had no idea where to begin or go. Ben knew exactly what to do and helped us with all the filings and paperwork. I’ve heard of other people who have had to file explanations and supporting documents over and over. Ben made sure every “i” was dotted and every “t” crossed. Result: we received our tax-exempt status in under 60 days after filing.
    He’s young, he’s energetic, and he’s dedicated. I highly recommend him.

    Claudia, Non-profit business client

  • I am going through a very litigious divorce that will leave me destitute. I went to see Mr. Heston to see what I needed to do to protect myself. He spent over 2 hours with me explaining in detail all my options regarding bankruptcy, lawyer liens and my legal rights. I found him to be patient, thorough and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him to anyone who is going through financial hard times.

    Lola, Bankruptcy client

  • Mrs. Heston has been by my side for over 5 years as I made my way through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy proceedings. As my life had ups and downs, she was there guiding me offering words of encouragement, answering questions, and providing the legal knowledge to help me stay on track. I was happy to complete all the necessary payments and received my discharge! I could not have done it without her support.

    Diane, Bankruptcy client

  • Ben was assigned to my case through the public law center,I had no idea who this young man was but soon realized God had sent me an Angel,caring,professional and informed.Ben went far beyond what he was required to do ( even driving me to and from court as I don’t drive) I can’t say enough about him! He has compassion,wisdom,humor and intelligence.he answered all of my questions,was easily accessible and calmed my nerves throughout the entire process.Ben truly cares about YOU and bends over backwards to achieve the best possible outcome.if you have him as a lawyer you may be tempted to break a law just for the chance to work with him again!! I don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to praise him-it’s not possible for me to be any happier,an amazing man with a very bright future!

    Jay, Bankruptcy client

  • Mr. Heston is the reason why today I believe in angels. I was referred by the Riverside court to a website of top lawyers where I found him. I called Mr. Heston because he was the first one on the list and he took my case! My story touched him! He really made me feel like a person that deserved a fresh start and he took the entire bankruptcy pro Bono. He treated me with respect, always kept me inform of the process and procedures of the bankruptcy. He was always a step ahead. When I had to go in front of the trusty I felt strong and secure because Mr. Benjamin Heston was there letting me know everything would be alright. I thank God for putting him in my path. I believe there are not a lot of people like him out there that are willing to give time to people like me that are in need of a fresh start. I guess I was just lucky. I sincerely and without a doubt would recommend him. He is a very reputable lawyer but more then anything he has what most people lack and that is empathy. He has the capacity to put himself in that persons shoes that is going through a hard time in there life. I felt that with him. Thank you Mr. Heston, I will never forget this. Benjamin Heston has four qualities that makes him a great lawyer and will one day be a great director. Mr Heston is someone with integrity, someone that can be trusted, someone that shows passion for his work and has excellent communication skills. To me that was the perfect combination of a good lawyer and leader. I wish him nothing but the best. Thank you for allowing me to start fresh in life!

    Sucet, Bankruptcy client

  • I am giving a positive review for our chosen Lawyer Richard Heston and his staff who advised us with our decision on bankruptcy. Mr. Heston presented all the options that were available to us if we decided to enter into the bankruptcy process, he answered all our questions in regards to our financial situation, even though it was a difficult decision we decided to proceed with bankruptcy. Mr. Heston and his staff helped us through the long process of bankruptcy, for example when there was difficult decision that had to be made Mr. Heston and his staff advised us on the different options that we could choose from to best resolve the best course of action, there was never any pressure from Mr. Heston or his staff saying you have to take this course of action ! we were always in control in our decision with the best advise and course of action that needed to be taken. I would to take this time to acknowledge Elmer Blanco, paralegal who was our main contact for Mr. Heston, when there was a question that we needed to be addressed to Mr. Heston he would always take the question and get back to me in a timely manner or a question or advise that he himself could resolve for me. We always appreciated that Mr. Heston and Elmer Blanco kept us updated and informed from the beginning and to the end of a successful financial beginning for us. I would highly recommend Heston and Heston . Thank You Mr. Heston and Elmer Blanco.

    Robert, Bankruptcy client

  • I was referred to Halli Heston, from the O.C. Bar Association. They told me that Halli was a terrific attorney, and that I would be satisfied. Not only was I satisfied, Halli was exceptionally professional, and fully represented me in court. I appreciate everything that she has done for me, and her staff is friendly, and very professional too. They kept me up to date on the proceedings, and also reminded me when I needed to complete the required courses. Thank you very much for your time, and service.

    Robert, Bankruptcy client

  • I have been wanting to write this review for Mr. Heston for some time. However, I have found it hard to put into words just how much peace-of-mind using  his services has brought to my life. Going through a bankruptcy has the potential to be an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation. I was very anxious about finding an attorney and had meetings with several.  Mr. Heston really stuck out to me as he seemed so caring and non-judgmental, and he was very knowledgeable about chapter 13 bankruptcy. After retaining his services, I learned that my first impression could not have been more accurate. Not only is he a genuinely nice person, but he also seems to really enjoy his work and helping people like myself start over and move on.  He was great at keeping me up to date with the status of my case and he always found time to answer my questions.  Having  Ben lead me through the uncomfortable process of filing for bankruptcy made the whole thing completely bearable. I feel so grateful to have found such a kind lawyer, and I would recommend him to anyone.

    Anonymous, Bankruptcy client

  • Richard & Halli Heston did a great job on our complicated bankruptcy. This firm has excellent customer service, detailed follow-up and best of all, always returned our calls and emails. I highly recommend this firm!

    Liza, Bankruptcy client

  • We researched attorneys online and came across Halli Heston’s Bio and knew she was the one we wanted to help us.. She is a terrific attorney and we were satisfied from the first day we met with her at her office. She is knowledgeable, prompt and professional. Halli and her staff have been able to answer our questions in a timely manner. The whole process for filling bankruptcy was stressful but she and her staff made us feel a lot better when we had a deadline to meet. All we can say is “Thank You” very much for your time and your service.

    Mike, Bankruptcy client

  • In a very complicated and emotional process, Ben was very helpful. He broke eveything down so that I was able to understand and that made my filing process very easy and painless. Im really glad I entrusted my situation in his hands.

    Anonymous, Bankruptcy client

  • Mr. Heston and his staff, specifically Elmer Blanco had been very helpful throughout this stressful bankruptcy process. They are professional in handling my case, especially at times when I am getting emotionally stressed out about it. I felt relieved when my case was over and I highly recommend Atty. Richard Heston and Elmer Blanco if you are need of professional and personable support with regards to your bankruptcy case.

    Chona, Bankruptcy Client

  • My husband and I had first gone to a different attorney and the information she had given us didn’t sound right. We researched to find another attorney and the one that was highly recommended to us was Halli Heston. We found her to be everything we were looking for in an attorney. Smart, honest, nice, and “had all the right answers” to our questions. Always available when we had questions. Definitely a problem solver.

    Vikki, Client

  • Would like to thank Ben H. for his great help in my bankruptcy. In particular, his paralegal Elmer who was outstanding. Knowledgeable, quick to respond to my concerns and emails and extremely compassionate towards my situation.- why is he not an attorney yet with this firm? :) Thank you both.

    Anonymous, Bankruptcy Client

  • “Like most people, I was embarrassed and ashamed for seeking the “easy way out.” Mr. Heston helped me through such a difficult financial hardship. Their Paralegal, Elmer Blanco, was also one of the “main” person who helped me tremendously. He was great. He made the whole process easy for me. He was knowledgeable and very attentive. When he becomes an attorney, he will be a great one- just like Mr. Heston. Both of them were just awesome. Thank you to them- I have a fresh start.”

    John Doe, Chapter 7 Client, 2013

  • “Halli was very clear and thorough in explaining the procedure to file. She kept a open line of communication and answered our questions promptly. she was recommended to us by another lawyer and the fee was very reasonable.”

    Robert, Chapter 7 Client, 2013

  • Hi Richard & Ben,
    I would like to thank you and your Son. This case was a pain in your ass, you both went out of way to make me feel so comfortable.I thank you both for that. Ben I wish you & your family well. You’re going to be a wonderful Attorney. Richard, wish you and your family well.”

    Debbie, Chapter 7 Client