Heston & Heston, Attorneys at Law in Irvine and Riverside

Heston & Heston is a small law firm with offices in Irvine and Riverside focusing primarily on bankruptcy and family law. We represent individuals and businesses throughout Southern California in Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles County.

The firm’s Irvine attorneys, Richard and Halli Heston, both have 34 years of practice experience and are both Certified Specialists in Bankruptcy Law. Richard Heston is also a Certified Specialist in Family Law. In order to become Certified Specialists in their fields, attorneys must pass a rigorous examination, complete and maintain continuing education, meet substantial experience requirements and obtain the recommendation of local judges and attorneys in which specialization is sought. Heston & Heston’s Riverside cases are handled by Benjamin Heston who has work in Bankruptcy for nearly a decade and is now a practicing attorney.

BANKRUPTCY COUNSELINGBankruptcy Counseling Irvine Riverside CA
The law firm of Heston & Heston provides unparalleled bankruptcy assistance and representation to individual consumers and small businesses. The effectiveness of their services comes from the significant experience in finding solutions that are customized to fit the needs of clients.

We offer free initial consultation meetings for clients considering bankruptcy relief. At our initial meeting, we review each client’s particular financial situation and discuss their different bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options. At that time, we will make our recommendations and go over the requirements and processes involved in filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 and go over any other options that the client might want to consider. At this time, we are usually able to quote you a flat fee, which is often equal to or less than what is charged by attorneys who have less experience and expertise in the field. Unlike many other attorneys, we do¬†not require full payment before we render legal services and we do accept payment plans.

In addition to bankruptcy, we also represent clients in family law matters. Our family law practice is focused on effective problem solving and managing conflict. We handle divorces, post-judgment modifications, as well as preparation of marital settlement, prenuptial (also known as premarital) and postmarital agreements. As Richard Heston is a certified specialist in both family law and bankruptcy he is uniquely qualified to handle crossover matters in which bankruptcy can affect a divorce and where divorce can affect a bankruptcy.

Our law firm also handles probate and estate administration matters.

We understand how to manage complex issues that affect more than one of these areas. As Certified Specialists, our attorneys have the qualifications and experience necessary to meet any of our clients’ legal needs.